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Looking for other pregnant mothers to bond with and ask questions so feel free to message me 😊

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@newmom2022 created "best feet masks?" in Health and Wellness
10 April 2022
@newmom2022 commented on “biggest pregnancy fears”
I’m worried about postpartum, I don’t hear enough women talk about it!
14 April 2022
@newmom2022 commented on “baby names”
I’m thinking of Winston after my brother :)
11 April 2022
@newmom2022 commented on “Tips on destressing?”
I like carrying around a sketch book with me and sketching whatever...
3 April 2022
@newmom2022 commented on “Tips on destressing?”
OOH That's a really good idea! I will try it tonight :)
3 April 2022